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Innovative Ideas for Current Municipal Matters

Influence at the Region
Our elected officials should advocate for the ideas, issues, and concerns for all residents. You have the right to be heard. We must maintain our small town charm and ensure that you never feel like a number. Your new Council must have a better understanding of infrastructure and funds going to York Region. We need greater influence regionally on issues like waste water, roads, police and ambulance services. I will be your strong advocate.
On Our Terms

Our plans are solid. Implementation of those plans over the past term has not been. Residents should not be responsible to accommodate growth. Growth should accommodate and add value to the residents of East Gwillimbury. Community infrastructure is more than just roads and pipes. We must consider health care, social services, recreation,  and emergency services. Maintaining a balance is key. 
The Stakes are High
The natural environment in our town cannot fall victim to the development industry's bottom line. Having proudly been part of the inception of plans to protect our natural heritage, I am concerned with ever-growing pressure to make concessions within those plans. Under my guidance, East Gwillimbury was once a leader in Canada for its work with environmental construction practices. We need to reprioritize this for the future.
Our Foundation
Farmers feed cities. The foundation of our town is our rural agricultural community. We must support farmers at a local, regional, and provincial level to ensure legislation exists to allow them to expand their operations and enhance food growth. We need to expedite permit processes for drainage issues, storage facilities, and provide well-marked areas on our busy roads to ensure the safe movement of equipment and product.
Keeping Taxes Low
Main responsibilities of municipal government focus on snow removal, garbage collection, fire protection and prevention, by-laws, and providing clean and safe parks and facilities. To keep taxes low, Council must narrow in on these key areas and not be distracted by issues outside our jurisdiction. One of the biggest contributors to increases in local taxes is staffing. Efficient staff allocation will support maintaining low costs.
Effective Communication
We thrived for a decade due to a "Team Approach" and it is time for that to return. Showing mutual respect, valuing ideas shared, and fostering effective communication benefits us all. We're not always going to agree, but as long as the betterment of the community is at the core, we will work through anything. When working with administration, there should be collaboration, valuing common sense and hearing professional opinions.
The Heart of our Town
Fortunate to have volunteerism in many forms in our community, our volunteers are the backbone of our town. Whether coaching sports programs, organizing events, highlighting the arts, or teaching us about the past, these amazing people connect us together and preserve the essence of East Gwillimbury. We need to encourage more residents to capture that spirit of volunteerism and continue to expand the heart of our town.
Peace of Mind
Fire protection is a must. We need to support a plan that will see all of East Gwillimbury served by a 24/7 Emergency Service Department. We have always had first-rate service with our volunteers and full-time staff. To keep that level of services, support must increase. Council must also petition York Region for more police presence to service Holland Landing, Sharon, Queensville, and Mount Albert.
Planting Seeds for the Future
Whether supporting seniors or planning for our children's future, people come first. For those who have lived here for decades and those who have just arrived, you are what matters most to this town. We need to ensure we are providing services and facilities, including parks, recreation, and libraries. We will be responsive to wants and needs that arise, setting the stage for a future community of people who will continue to care about our town.

My Commitment
to YOU

I will:
  • Advocate on behalf of all residents, small businesses, and the agricultural community
  • Ensure that the plans we have in place are implemented on our terms, not dictated by the development industry
  • Reduce wasteful spending and limit tax increases
  • Bring our environmental policies to the forefront once again
  • Strive to ensure that there is open communication and mutual respect between fellow members of Council
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